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C-X75 concept car rear three quarter


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The C-X16 features perfect 50:50 weight distribution and a prototype hybrid powertrain comprising a 380 hp, 332 lb-ft supercharged 3.0 liter V6 engine, allied to an electric motor producing an additional 95 hp and 173 lb-ft. Driving the rear wheels through an eight-speed transmission, this hybrid powertrain gives the lightweight C-X16 the potential to accelerate to 62 mph in 4.4 seconds before going on to reach 186 mph. 3

The new V6 engine uses the same lightweight aluminum architecture as the eight-cylinder with a high-pressure, die-cast block with cross-bolted main bearing caps for increased strength and refinement. The dual-cam, four-valve cylinder heads are constructed with recycled aluminum to reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing.

A lightweight aluminum chassis returns an economy of 41 mpg and combined emissions of 165g/km of CO2. To increase fuel efficiency in real-world driving conditions, the 8-speed gearbox is fitted with Intelligent Stop/Start, which shuts down the engine 300 milliseconds after the car has stopped. Recently launched to great acclaim in the XF, the system uses a Twin Solenoid Starter that is capable of restarting it in the time it takes the driver’s foot to travel from the brake to the accelerator.

To ensure the power plant delivers not only the power but also the refinement for which Jaguar cars are famous. The V6 features a patented system of independently rotating balancer weights at the front and rear of the engine. Anyone familiar with the smooth, powerful V8 will find that the V6 shares all its power delivery and refinement characteristics, with its own stirring soundtrack, while delivering improved economy and emissions meeting SULEV 30 (Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle) and EU VI emission standards.