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Abstract front view of a Jaguar car





Adrian Hallmark, Jaguar Global Brand Director 

Adrian Hallmark has worked with some of the world’s biggest car brands. He was part of the team responsible for turning Porsche around in the UK. Moving on to Bentley, he helped push sales up from 1,000 to 10,000 cars. This was followed by senior roles at Volkswagen in Asia and SAAB, before he joined Jaguar in 2010.

His approach is very much hands on. “I like being able to shape things and get my hands into projects,”says Hallmark, a skill he demonstrated with his part in the successful development of the Bugatti Veyron’s strategic sales, marketing and distribution.

With a background in mechanical engineering metallurgy, Hallmark has a natural affinity with cars; in particular, Jaguar. He feels he and his team have a moral obligation to make Jaguar the force it should be. He clearly thrives on the brand’s renewed confidence and the momentum that the launch of our new lineup and the arrival of F-TYPE have brought with them.

“Technological innovation is key,” says Hallmark. “Along with staying true to the brand’s heritage, while looking to the future.” For him, the F-TYPE is here to re-ignite Jaguar’s sporting flame. Billed as the brand’s first two-seat sports car since the iconic E-Type, Hallmark is clear-sighted about what Jaguar must deliver to excite not only existing owners, but also those who need convincing about the intent of the brand.

"As its sporting forebears did in their era, the F-TYPE breaks new ground, delivering stunning sports car performance while vividly demonstrating Jaguar's cutting-edge engineering technologies and world-class design excellence.”

People expect Jaguar to be innovators - that is when Jaguar is at its best.”
Adrian Hallmark - Jaguar Global Brand Director