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The F-TYPE range features advanced V6 and V8 supercharged engines.

F-TYPE offers a choice of four highly advanced engines – 3.0 liter 340 hp V6, 3.0 liter 380 hp V6, 5.0 liter 550 hp V8 and the new 5.0 liter 575 hp V8. Every one features a Roots-type twin-vortex supercharger, mounted in the "V" of the engine to preserve its compact dimensions. With both manual and automatic transmissions available, there’s an F-TYPE that suits your style perfectly.


At the beating heart of every F-TYPE is a powerful supercharged engine –providing linear power delivery and instant access to high levels of torque at virtually all engine speeds.


For the driving enthusiast, the F-TYPE, Premium and S models offer a manual gearbox. This close ratio 6-speed lightweight unit is specifically designed for the performance requirements of sports car driving. The QuickShift automatic transmission is both fast and smooth. The gearbox’s control system is intelligent and adaptive. Available on every F-TYPE, eight closely spaced gear ratios keeping the engine in its most effective operating range.


The F-TYPE roars right from its heart. Its Sport Exhaust growls powerfully from startup, building to a race-car inspired crescendo. An Active Sport Exhaust, standard on the F-TYPE S and R, uses Active Bypass Valves to allow exhaust gases to exit more directly for a deep, dramatic sound.

For even greater driver involvement, a Driver-selectable Active Exhaust with manual control is standard on all manual transmission models and on the F-TYPE S, R and SVR with automatic transmission, and optional on the F-TYPE Premium with automatic transmission.

Designed to deliver pure driving pleasure, F-TYPE has a breadth of capabilities to suit the demands of every driver and every road. Coupe and convertible body styles are available, each with its own distinctive character. Design and build your perfect F-TYPE with our configurator or request a quote now.