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First Complimentary scheduled maintenance

    4 years/50,000 miles New Vehicle Limited Warranty

    4 years/50,000 miles 24/7 Roadside Assistance


Enjoy the reassurance of our 4 year New Vehicle Limited Warranty when you collect your new 2015 Jaguar car.* If any part needs repairing or replacing due to a manufacturing defect, the work will be done by a Jaguar Authorized Retailer, using genuine Jaguar parts, all free of charge.

The Jaguar New Vehicle Limited Warranty covers vehicles originally specified and built by Jaguar Land Rover Limited, United Kingdom, for sale in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. This limited warranty for 2015 model year cars provides 4 years or 50,000 miles (whichever comes first) of bumper-to-bumper coverage. Please consult your local authorized Jaguar Retailer or the 2015 model year Passport to Service booklet for details and limitations.

Complimentary Scheduled Maintenance
The first scheduled maintenance is complimentary.* Please refer to the Passport to Service booklet for recommended scheduled maintenance details.** Failure to have your vehicle serviced at the specified interval may invalidate the warranty. Customers who desire more frequent oil changes must pay for this service. Please consult your Owner Handbook for more information.

* An authorized Jaguar Retailer should perform all work. For complete details on Jaguar Warranty Coverage, including the First Complimentary Scheduled Maintenance coverage and exclusions, please contact your authorized Jaguar Retailer or, in the U.S., call the Jaguar Customer Relationship Center at 1-800-4-JAGUAR (800-452-4827).

** Excludes additional maintenance that may be recommended should the vehicle have a high proportion of short journeys or operate in severe conditions.

Jaguar Vehicle Protection Plan
Jaguar Vehicle Protection Plan allows you to benefit from continuing peace of mind after your existing 4 year / 50,000 mile New Vehicle Limited Warranty expires. If you own a Jaguar car with 1,000 miles AND 30 days remaining of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty, and would like to maintain the reassurance and protection against unexpected repair costs please contact your local Jaguar Retailer for the Jaguar Vehicle Protection Plan.

This comprehensive coverage provides protection against costly repairs due to mechanical failures. From engines and suspensions, to heating/cooling and electrical, the Jaguar Vehicle Protection Plan covers the majority of components originally covered by the New Vehicle Limited Warranty. In the event covered repairs are performed by a Jaguar Retailer in the United States, the $100 deductible will be waived to $0.

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*Class is cars sold by luxury automobile brands and claim is based on total package of warranty, maintenance and other coverage programs. For complete details regarding Jaguar EliteCare coverage, please visit JAGUARUSA.COM, call 1.800.4.JAGUAR or visit your local Jaguar Retailer.