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Long before you see your Approved Certified Pre-Owned Jaguar vehicle for the very first time, it has undergone a rigorous evaluation. Each candidate vehicle must pass demanding tests for appearance, performance, reliability and driving refinement, with minimal tolerances. In addition, a vehicle history report is provided along with every Approved Certified Pre-Owned Jaguar.

From Engine Performance To Vanity Mirror Lights

The certification and inspection points include categories for Vehicle Exterior, Engine, Vehicle Interior, Electrical Systems, Heating/Air Conditioning, Undercarriage/Drivetrain and, finally, a Road Test. The candidate Jaguar car can become an Approved Certified Pre-Owned vehicle only if it passes every one of these checkpoints.

Roadside Assistance

All Approved Certified Pre-Owned Jaguar vehicles under warranty are covered by our exclusive Jaguar Roadside Assistance. A call to our 24-hour toll-free hotline (1 - 800 - 452 - 4827) brings you help anywhere in the United States.


For more information, download the Approved Certified Pre-Owned brochure and checklist.