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Outstanding quality and craftsmanship together with contemporary British design make the all-new XF a sedan of distinctive beauty and dynamic luxury.


Witness an exterior that is taut and athletic. Beautifully designed curves bring the assertive character of the XF to life. The confident, upright grille and deep power bulge on the hood reinforce its intent. The vehicle perfectly proportioned profile is highlighted by a single, elegant arc which runs the length of the body, culminating at distinctive, wrap-around LED tail lamps, with F-TYPE inspired graphics.


Inside, the all-new XF offers outstanding luxury choice and abundant space – Intelligent design and contemporary craftsmanship create an environment that is luxurious and comfortable. Surroundings are brought to life when you push the pulsing ‘Start’ button. With perfect choreography, air vents rotate open, the JaguarDrive selector rises smoothly, the engine growls - all inspiring you to anticipate the drive ahead.


  • A theatrical start-up sequence gives you a dramatic sense of the excitement to come.

  • The InControl Touch-screen command center provides a wealth of features designed to make your driving experience more entertaining and connected.

  • A broad aluminum finisher runs across the dash and into the doors, emphasizing the visual width of the cabin.


  • The all-new XF offers rear passengers greater space than the previous model.

  • LED interior lights and reading lights give you and your passengers clear, personal illumination.

  • Optional additional ambient illumination throughout the XF cabin enhances its elegant interior. Select the configurable interior mood lighting system for your XF and you will have the choice of ten colors to complement your mood.

European Model Shown.