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Detail image of a carbon fibre Supercharged bonnet louvre on XFR





Discover a range of superb entertainment, phone and navigation systems brought to life in the XF.


Life’s simpler with Touch-screen control. Manage your multimedia devices from the easy-to-use 7 inch Touch-screen in the center console, including iPod® or MP3 player, with details of playlists and music displayed by artist, album and genre.5


Let your music move you. Whichever XF you drive, you can listen to your favorite music on a state-of-the-art audio system. Play music from AM or FM stereo radio broadcasts, CD, or from an external source, such as your MP3 player, all with minimal distortion. 

Discover new dimensions in sound quality with the 380 watt Meridian™ Sound System, featuring 12 loudspeakers strategically positioned throughout the passenger cabin. Dynamic Volume Control constantly compensates for changes in ambient sound, giving you consistently high-quality audio. In addition, Meridian™ Cabin Correction (MCC) delivers a smoother, more natural sound, adding clarity and definition to every instrument. Derived from Meridian’s ground-breaking Room Correction technology, MCC incorporates a precise acoustic analysis of the XF passenger compartment, and deploys special digital filters to balance reverberation and enhance your listening pleasure. Standard on XF 2.0T Premium, XF 3.0 Sport and XF 3.0 AWD Sport.

Bring your music fully to life with the 825 watt Meridian™ Surround Sound System tailored specifically to the XF.  Delivering captivating sound quality through 17 speakers, this top-of-the-line surround sound processing system creates immersive audio throughout the cabin. With MCC and Dynamic Volume Control, both the clarity and authenticity of your music are enhanced. This powerful audio system also features Meridian’s exclusive TrifieldTM technology to deliver a full, wide musical experience for all occupants. Standard on XF 3.0 Portfolio, XF 3.0 AWD Portfolio, XF Supercharged, XFR and XFR-S.