Jaguar XJ Rear Cabin Features.


The XJ is equipped with an array of standard and optional connectivity and driver assistance systems to make driving easier and more convenient.

The XJ features the state-of-the-art Touch Pro™ in-car infotainment system as standard. Responsive, intuitive and seamlessly integrated — Jaguar offers solutions that innovatively enhance your drive.

Jaguar XJ Connected Car City View


All XJ vehicles feature the state-of-the-art Jaguar infotainment system, Touch Pro™. The system seamlessly integrates with your smartphone to offer a range of services that enhance the driving experience by keeping you connected while you are on the move.


  • Touch sceren control.


    Pro Services delivers real-time data on traffic flow, fuel prices, parking services and live routing to make sure you reach your destination in good time. You can also view maps in satellite and street-level imagery. The onboard Wi-Fi system creates a permanent in-car Wi-Fi Hotspot allowing passengers to wirelessly connect a range of devices to the Internet.

  • Jaguar XJ Smartphone Navigation Guidance on Screen.


    Route Planner uses an iOS or Android Route Planner app or web portal to seamlessly integrate with your phone and navigate you door-to-door — from the initial walk to your car, the drive and (should you choose it) subsequent use of public transport. Your smartphone integrates perfectly with your whole journey.

  • Jaguar XJ Wi-Fi Symbol.


    The onboard Touch Pro™ Wi-Fi system provides the data feed for various next- generation services and guidance features. The data connection also creates a permanent in-car Wi-Fi Hotspot allowing passengers to wirelessly connect a range of devices with the infotainment system and the Internet.7

  • Jaguar XJ Remote Premium Symbol.


    Remote provides access to your XJ through your smartphone while you are away from it. You can remotely set the climate control to pre-warm or cool the car by starting the engine before you get in. You can also lock and unlock the car, and “beep and flash” to determine its location.


  • Touch sceren control.


    The XJ command center is the touchscreen. This highly intuitive multi-touch interface can be personalized and uses familiar smartphone and tablet gestures — just tap, pinch-to-zoom and swipe for fast, accurate operation.5

  • Driver Display.


    The 12.3-inch high-definition TFT Virtual Instrument Display brings information to life in the XJ — replacing the conventional instrument cluster. This powerful multi-layered, virtual display combines a user-friendly graphical interface with advanced functionality to make driving even more of a pleasure. You can choose from four pre-set display themes, or view a full-screen navigation with 3D mapping.

  • Jaguar XJ Rear Seat Entertainment Screen.


    Keep passengers entertained with dual 10.2-inch screens in the rear of the front headrests. Rear passengers can watch a DVD or streamed video via the Rear Media Interface. The system includes two WhiteFire™ digital wireless headphones. This feature is only available as part of the Premium Rear Seat Package.


    Designed for the XJ by British audio expert Meridian, two different systems are available in XJ models: the standard Meridian 825W Digital Surround Sound System and the Meridian Reference 1300W Digital Sound System. Both feature advanced technology including Digital Signal Processor (DSP) software — to create superb stereo or surround sound throughout the cabin and optimize every element of the system — as well as Meridian Cabin Correction to dramatically improve the clarity and authentic reproduction of your music.

  • JAG XJ.


    All models feature central double locking, an alarm and engine immobilizer. Door locks can be controlled either remotely from your key fob or by using the button on the door handle via the Jaguar Smart Key System™ with Keyless Entry. At night the key fob can also be used to activate the headlights as you approach the car. As an additional security feature, the doors can be set to lock automatically when the car reaches a pre-set speed chosen by the driver.

The XJ is the pinnacle Jaguar sedan. The perfect combination of cutting-edge technology, sporting vehicle dynamics and opulent luxury. Create your perfect XJ with our configurator or contact a retailer now.

From 30 September 2019 Spotify will no longer be supporting the InControl Apps access. As the dominant preferred access by customers it will be available to customers via Smartphone Pack where installed.