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Best in Class warranty coverage*
The New Vehicle Limited Warranty and Roadside Assistance Coverage for your 2016 Model Year Jaguar car is extended to 5 years or 60,000 miles, whichever occurs first. Please review the Passport to Service provided with your vehicle purchase for additional information, terms, conditions, and limitations regarding your New Vehicle Limited Warranty and Roadside Assistance Coverage.

New Vehicle Scheduled Maintenance Coverage
Complimentary Scheduled Maintenance Coverage for all 2016 and newer Jaguar models covers factory recommended scheduled maintenance as detailed in the Passport to Service for 5 years or 60,000 miles, whichever occurs first. A Service Interval Indicator appears every 16,000 miles or every 12 months, whichever occurs first, to tell you when necessary vehicle maintenance needs to be scheduled. In order to receive scheduled vehicle maintenance, you must bring your vehicle to an authorized Jaguar retailer within 1 month or 1,000 miles of the scheduled maintenance interval. Customers who do not bring their vehicle to a retailer within the required time for scheduled maintenance may not receive the missed interval service.

Some owners may wish to have their engine oil changed more frequently than required, should the vehicle have a high proportion of short journeys or operate in severe conditions. These extra services may be performed on a customer pay basis and the Service Interval Indicator will not be reset.

The Passport to Service’s Maintenance Schedule Table describes the service and maintenance to be performed on your vehicle. Jaguar may publish updates to your Retailer for any changes to the maintenance schedules published in the Passport to Service. Wear and tear items (e.g., brake pads and windshield wiper blades) are excluded.

Having your vehicle serviced and maintained at the specified interval is critical to maintaining its long term durability. Failure to do this may invalidate the warranty under certain circumstances.

Jaguar InControl® Remote & Protect™ Coverage
Jaguar EliteCare includes complimentary Jaguar InControl® Remote & Protect™ coverage for 5 years (not available on the F-TYPE Project 7 vehicle).

For the full terms and conditions and privacy policy applicable to the Jaguar InControl® features, please contact your Authorized Jaguar Retailer or visit Jaguar InControl Support.

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Transfer of Coverage
Jaguar Limited Warranty Coverage is fully transferable to subsequent owners and remains in effect during the New Vehicle Limited Warranty coverage period.

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Jaguar Vehicle Protection Plan
Jaguar Vehicle Protection Plan allows you to benefit from continuing peace of mind after your existing New Vehicle Limited Warranty expires. If you own a Jaguar car with 1,000 miles AND 30 days remaining of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty, and would like to maintain the reassurance and protection against unexpected repair costs please contact your local Jaguar Retailer for the Jaguar Vehicle Protection Plan.

This comprehensive coverage provides protection against costly repairs due to mechanical failures. From engines and suspensions, to heating/cooling and electrical, the Jaguar Vehicle Protection Plan covers the majority of components originally covered by the New Vehicle Limited Warranty. In the event covered repairs are performed by the retailer that sold you the Service Agreement, or any other Jaguar retailer, the deductible will be one hundred ($100) dollars. For repairs performed by any other repair facility, the deductible will be two hundred and fifty ($250) dollars.

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*Class is cars sold by luxury automobile brands and claim is based on total package of warranty, maintenance and other coverage programs. For complete details regarding Jaguar EliteCare coverage, please visit JAGUARUSA.COM, call 1.800.4.JAGUAR or visit your local Jaguar Retailer.