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Jaguar F-PACE.


Lease vs. Loan – Jaguar Financial Group provides you with the options to lease or purchase your new Jaguar vehicle.*

Lease vs. Loan

Review the benefits of leasing vs. financing your new Jaguar vehicle. Jaguar Financial Group takes you from dreaming about a Jaguar vehicle to driving one.**
Why a lease? Why a loan?

• Decide up front how long you want to drive the vehicle.

• Typically you will enjoy lower monthly payments, fewer maintenance costs and flexible mileage options.

• Learn about a single-pay lease where you will not have a monthly payment by paying the entire amount at the beginning of the lease (also known as a one-pay lease).

• Enjoy convenient lease-end options: at lease maturity, trade in your Jaguar vehicle for a new one, buy it or select a different vehicle.

• Get closer to the pride of ownership and build equity in your vehicle with every payment.

• Drive where you want with unlimited mileage.

• Enjoy the full benefit of the trade-in or resale value.

To learn more about Jaguar Financial Group financing or lease-end options go to

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