U.S. Telecommunication providers are discontinuing 3G cellular network and transitioning to 4G and 5G. Your vehicle, like millions of others built at that time, utilizes the available-at-the time 3G cellular network to provide a variety of phone-based connected features, such as emergency calling and stolen vehicle tracking.

As a result of the 3G discontinuation, Jaguar will be providing a new cellular service to be able to maintain important features. Other features unfortunately will no longer function. Please see below for the details for your vehicle.

1. How do I know if my vehicle is impacted?


    We have notified all customers with impacted vehicles.

2. What services are impacted?


    The following features will cease to function effective February 22, 2022:

    Commute Mode, Fuel Prices, Arrival Mode with Street View Imagery, Parking information, Live search, Route Planner, Sharing ETA, Web Browser, Live App, Wi-Fi Hotspot

3. Is there a way to utilize the above-impacted features with another solution?


    If your vehicle received an update with Apple Carplay® and/or Android Auto™ functionality, you have access to these features (excluding Wi-Fi Hotspot) via third-party applications. Excluding Jaguar XJ.

4. Will InControl Remote & Protect services continue to function?


    Yes, all InControl Remote & Protect Services, which include Emergency and breakdown call, Stolen Vehicle Tracking, Remote climate, beep & flash, unlock/ lock vehicle, vehicle location, journey tracking, fuel level, and vehicle status, will continue to function. You may experience slower response time.

5. I received a notification and own an impacted vehicle. Is there any action required in order to continue using InControl Remote & Protect services after 3G shutdown date?


    No, you do not need to do anything. Your vehicle will automatically connect on a 2G network.

6. Where can I access further information regarding 3G shutdown?