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Getting Started

What is Jaguar InControl Apps™ Apps?
Jaguar InControl Apps™ presents a vehicle optimized, interactive set of well known apps on your vehicle's infotainment screen via a dedicated USB port. Once connected, a comprehensive selection of apps enabling media streaming, cloud based services, location based services and more is accessible via the vehicle's touch screen.

How do I purchase InControl Apps™ for my vehicle?
InControl Apps™ must be selected when the vehicle is ordered as the hardware can only be fitted at the factory.

How much does InControl Apps™ cost?
There is a one off cost for the InControl Apps™ system as hardware must be fitted at the factory. See your local authorized Jaguar Retailer for details.
The InControl App™ for your smartphone is available free of charge on both Google Play and the Apple App Store. Some third party apps may require a purchase or subscription.

What do I need before I can use InControl Apps™?
You will need a vehicle equipped with InControl Apps™, a supported smartphone and the USB cable that came with your phone.

How do I install Jaguar InControl Apps™ on my smartphone?
Depending on your device, visit either Google Play or the Apple App Store on your smartphone. Search 'InControl Apps' and select 'Jaguar InControl Apps™' from the list of results. If unsure, InControl Apps™ can be identified by the publisher marked as Jaguar and features the Jaguar logo.
Select 'Install' and accept the permissions to begin installation. Once installed, open the app for a brief tutorial.

Which connection cable do I require?
You will be able to use the USB cable that came with your phone. If you are not in possession of this cable, a USB to Lightning (for iPhone) or USB to Micro-USB (for most Android phones) will be required. It's recommended that a replacement cable is purchased from your phone manufacturer.

Which USB port should I use?
InControl Apps™ uses a dedicated USB port which is labelled with the InControl Apps icon.

How will I know when new apps become compatible with InControl Apps™?
A list of current compatible apps is regularly updated and automatically shown in the smartphone app.

Do I have to create an account to use some apps?
It is strongly recommended that upon downloading any third party app from Google Play or the Apple App Store, the app is opened on the smartphone prior to connection to the vehicle. The app may have permissions that need to be approved or an account may need to be created before it can be used with your vehicle.

Can I download InControl Apps™ and any updates via WiFi?
InControl Apps™ and any updates can be downloaded via WiFi or a 3G connection. Downloading over WiFi is recommended to reduce data costs and ensure a good connection.

Using InContol Apps

Why aren't all my smartphone apps available on InControl Apps™?
Only apps that have been approved by Jaguar are available to use with InControl Apps™.

How do I install an app that is compatible with InControl Apps™ on my smartphone?
Open Jaguar InControl Apps® on your smartphone and scroll through the 'Not Installed Apps' list until you find the app you wish to install. Depending on your device, selecting this app will take you to the Apple App Store or to Google Play. Download and install as normal. The new app icon will appear in the 'Installed' section when you next connect your smartphone to your vehicle.

Do I need to open InControl Apps™ on my smartphone before connecting to my vehicle?
It is strongly recommended that upon downloading any third party app from Google Play or the Apple Apps Store, the app is opened on the smartphone prior to connection to the vehicle. Please note that you may be required to agree to be bound by a third party's terms and conditions regarding use of its app, including, without limitation, any applicable fees. For iPhone users, if the app is not already running you will be given a phone prompt to allow the app to open. For Android users, you can select 'Always Allow' when prompted which will forego all future prompts.
Remember, your phone will need to be unlocked while the phone is connecting to your vehicle. There should be no need for further phone interaction once your device is connected.

If I change the Region on my spartphone, I can see other compatible apps are available. Am I able to install these apps?
By changing your region in the Options tab of the smartphone app you will be able to see apps available to users in other regions. You will only be able to download these apps if they are also available in your region. Please note however that app availability does not guarantee that your language preferences will be available.

Why will my device not connect to my vehicle?
When connecting your phone to your vehicle ensure that:

  • Your device is unlocked
  • Any cases or screen covers are not closed (some can auto lock the phone when closed)
  • All open apps have been closed
  • Your phone is connected to the dedicated InControl Apps™ USB port in your vehicle (labeled)

Apple phones may sometimes require apps to be manually closed. This can be achieved by following these three steps: 1. Double click your home button. This will cause small screenshots of your open apps to appear. 2. Swipe left and right to find the apps you want to close. 3. Swipe the screenshot 'up'. This will cause the app to fly off the screen, signifying that your app has successfully closed. To close all apps, swipe all screenshots 'up' until left with only your home screen.

Will InControl Apps™ still work when my vehicle is in motion?
For safety reasons, some aspects of InControl Apps™ are unavailable when your vehicle is moving.

If I update the operating system on my smartphone, will InControl Apps™ still work?
Every effort is made to ensure that InControl Apps™ is compatible with the latest Operating Systems. If you experience any issues after updating your phone, try reinstalling the smartphone app on your device.

Why do I have to unlock my iPhone to use InControl Apps™ after I have made a call?
This is an Apple security feature. When you make a phone call longer than the 'Auto-Lock' setting, the phone will lock even when connected to InControl Apps™. You can set your iPhone to never 'Auto-Lock' in your Settings. Within Settings, choose 'General', then select 'Never' in the 'Auto-Lock' menu. Please note that the 'Never' Auto-Lock setting may not be available in some circumstances, for example if your iPhone has corporate administrator settings that require a pin code to unlock.

How do I stop a connection message appearing on my smartphone every time I connect to my vehicle?
On iPhone, this is an Apple security prompt that is required on connection to the vehicle. It can be avoided by opening InControl Apps on your iPhone before connecting to your vehicle. On Android devices, the prompt contains a check-box to avoid future prompts on connecting to the vehicle.

Does InControl Apps™ use mobile data?
Yes. Use of InControl Apps™ will incur cellular data charges. It is recommended that any smartphone using InControl Apps has a suitable cellular data plan.

My phone is connected but there is no audio coming through the speakers in my vehicle. How do I connect to Bluetooth?
When connecting your phone to your vehicle, a message will appear on the touch screen for 'View and Listen' or 'View'. In order to access audio through InControl Apps™, your phone will need to be connected to your vehicle via Bluetooth. By selecting 'View and Listen', you will be directed to 'Bluetooth Settings' and given connection instructions. If you cannot hear any sound ensure your smartphone is paired with your vehicle by following the steps located on the owners section of Also make sure the audio volume on your phone and your vehicle are turned up.
How does the app respond to weak network coverage?
When using InControl services in an area of poor network coverage (e.g. remote, rural areas) the apps will display a pop-up when there is no available data connection for a requested function.

Where should I stow my phone when connected to InControl Apps™?
Store your phone near the dedicated InControl Apps™ USB port.

Who can I ask for further help on using InControl Apps™?
Contact the Jaguar Customer Relationship Center (CRC) or your local authorized Jaguar Retailer for details.

Your Vehicle

Can I buy InControl Apps™ for my current vehicle?
It is only possible to have InControl Apps™ on a new vehicle. InControl Apps™ is selected when the vehicle is ordered, as the hardware is fitted at the factory.

Can I choose to have InControl Apps™ on any Jaguar vehicle?
InControl Apps™ must be selected when ordering your vehicle as hardware must be fitted at the factory. See your local authorized Jaguar Retailer for details.

I have purchased a used Jaguar which has InControl Apps™ fitted. Am I able to connect my smartphone?
Yes. Simply install InControl Apps™ on your smartphone and the InControl Apps™ feature will be wholly available.