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    By sharing experiences and knowledge gained from racing, we’re taking huge steps forward in our road cars. The innovative braking technology of our I‑TYPE racing car helped us create even more battery power in our first electric vehicle.

    • Did you know that during just one race, the Jaguar Racing Formula E vehicle can capture enough energy through clever braking to extend its range by up to 15%? How? By utilizing the latest regenerative braking technology, which is also a big feature of the electric I‑PACE SUV.

      With a regular internal combustion engine, a vehicle is slowed via conventional friction brakes, which press the brake pads against the discs. The kinetic energy from the vehicle is converted into heat energy, which is essentially wasted. However, in a battery electric vehicle (BEV), the electric motor can convert that kinetic energy into electricity to top up the battery, increasing the number of miles you can drive on a single charge.

      In Formula E, the benefit of regenerative braking in racing translates into extra performance and potentially faster lap times. The intensity of electric racing really tests the vehicle’s parts to the limit — as well as their engineers — and with Jaguar involved in developing both electric race cars and electric road cars, there will be mutual benefits.

    • “The Formula E environment is a hugely exciting and challenging one as an engineer. We can use the lessons we learn and the developments we make in electrical components to feedback directly into our production environment for Jaguar’s new breed of electric vehicles.”
      Richard Devenport - Research Manager, Formula E Technology

      Experiencing regenerative braking in the new Jaguar electric vehicle will also likely change your driving style. “One pedal” driving — only using the accelerator most of the time — becomes highly feasible once the driver becomes more aware of how the electric vehicle moves.

      Alongside these significant technological changes, the innovative I‑PACE is still very much a Jaguar vehicle.