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    The electric-only platform of the I-PACE Concept has allowed our engineers the chance to focus on the best possible performance package for this zero-tailpipe-emissions vehicle.

    • The most exciting thing about the I‑PACE Concept is that it’s been developed from the outset as a purely battery electric vehicle (BEV).

      Being able to put all those important electric vehicle components – motor, battery pack, wheels and more – just where we want them has opened up great opportunities.

      Jaguar I-PACE Concept | Electrifying Performance

      Drawing on the same intensity, passion and skills as you’ll find in the Jaguar FIA Formula E World Championship team, the engineers behind the I‑PACE Concept opted for two compact and efficient synchronous, permanent magnet motors at the front and rear axles.
      “The right concept for an electric car is a flat battery pack underneath the floor and then two motors, one in front and one behind that pack. The rear motor is best for driving the wheels, while the front motor is best for recuperating energy.”
      Dr. Wolfgang Ziebart, Jaguar Land Rover Technical Design Director
      Generating a combined 400 hp and 516 lb-ft of instant torque, 0-60 mph can be achieved in approximately 4.0 seconds.3 That’s genuinely breathtaking sports car-like acceleration with the all-surface benefits built-in from the all-wheel-drive, dual-electric motor approach.
    • The I-PACE Concept has been designed to accommodate a large lithium-ion battery pack to alleviate any issues with the vehicle’s range. It uses the very latest pouch cell technology and the pack is rated at 90 kWh. In simple terms this means the I‑PACE Concept will be able to travel much further before recharging. Its range has been estimated at approximately 220 miles on EPA test cycles (or 500 km on the European test). That’s a perfectly suitable range for the vast majority of drivers’ daily commutes.

      To make room for this large battery pack between the wheels, the front and rear wheel axles have been pushed forward and aft. As a happy consequence, this design approach also frees up space for the driver and four passengers inside.
      “As this is an uncompromised electric vehicle, we are able to achieve a space utilization which is unknown so far in cars of this size. The exterior length is within 1/32nd of an inch or so of the Jaguar XE but the interior length – from the accelerator pedal to the inside of the tailgate – is in between a Range Rover and a Range Rover Long Wheelbase. Beyond a bigger interior, this long wheelbase gives the advantage of a stable ride too.”
      Dr. Wolfgang Ziebart, Jaguar Land Rover Technical Design Director
      Owing to the battery pack being placed low down in the vehicle, the I‑PACE Concept has a positively low center of gravity. When allied to the typical quality of a Jaguar double-wishbone front and integral link rear suspension, the result is a great driving experience that current Jaguar drivers will already be familiar with.

All illustrations, photographs and specifications shown here are based on the Jaguar I-PACE concept vehicle. Final U.S. specifications, design, equipment and accessories have not been determined. Therefore, U.S. production vehicles will differ from the one shown.

All pricing and figures for acceleration, power, speed, range and charging are Manufacturer’s estimates based on best information available at time of publication. Jaguar I-PACE production vehicles will be tested and certified prior to release, with official figures available prior to any customer delivery.